In addition to our high level of customer service, we also provide a clear complaint handling policy.

We aim to resolve issues at the first point of contact and deal with all complaints within 28 days.

Evinox Residential Customer Service and Complaint Handling

At Evinox Residential customer service is a top priority. However, we understand that perhaps you may on one occasion be unhappy with the service that you have received. We therefore ensure that we respond to customer queries and complaints quickly and effectively and keep a record of all communication from our customers, including details of telephone calls.

In addition to our high level of customer service, Evinox Residential also provides a clear complaint handling policy. We aim to resolve complaints at first point of contact and deal with all complaints within 28 days.

Complaints Policy
We will monitor all complaints and suggestions to help us identify areas for improvement. We endeavour to provide a complaints policy that is:

  • Easily accessible and well publicised.
  • Simple to understand and use.
  • Has established time limits for action, and keeps people informed of progress.
  • Fair, with full and objective investigation procedures.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of both staff and customers.
  • Effectively addresses all the points at issue, and provides appropriate redress.
  • Provides information to management so that services can be improved.

If you are unhappy with a specific aspect of our service, please inform the member of staff you are dealing with or alternatively contact us on 0871 4235661. Our staff will record the details of your concern or complaint and will do all they can to resolve the issue. If the member of staff fails to satisfy your concerns then he or she will ask you to put your complaint in writing and send to us via:

Written complaints should be sent to us at:
Customer Service Team, Evinox Residential, Blenheim House, 1 Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 9AP

Email complaints should be sent to:

Complaints Procedure
Upon receipt of a formal written notice of concern or complaint the following procedure will immediately be instigated.

1. Your complaint will be acknowledged with 48 hours of receipt (excluding weekends) and you will be informed about the time required to investigate your concerns and the date by which you will be notified of any decision made.

2. At the same time, the member of staff responsible for the service provided to you will be asked to report back on the matters you raise to a senior manager. This will normally occur within 7 days of our acknowledgement being sent to you but may be up to 21 days in exceptional circumstances (for example should the particular member of staff be absent on holidays)

3. The senior manager responsible will then consider your concerns in conjunction with the report he has received from the member of staff who handled the service provided to you initially and will make a decision based on all known facts. If further investigation is needed he will write and tell you so and give you new deadlines by which your complaint will be fully resolved.

4. Having made his decision, the senior manager will write to inform you of his decision and will provide you with supporting reasons whatever that decision may be. If you are not satisfied with our decision, you may write to the Director responsible for Customer Care whose name and email address will be supplied at the same time that the decision is notified to you.

5. If after writing and having received a decision from the director reviewing your concerns, you are still not satisfied you can write to the Office of Fair Trading. In advising you of any final decision taken by the company, you will be given all the necessary information to enable you to take your complaint further should you feel the need to do so.

6. After receiving adjudication if you are still unhappy you can contact your Member of Parliament.

7. In all cases we will guarantee that whatever your complaint we will:-

  • Review the issue thoroughly and give you a full response within 28 days.
  • If we need more time because the problem is complex tell you within a further 20 working days.
  • Ensure your confidentiality.
  • Acknowledge your correspondence and give you a reference number.
  • Talk it over with you if your complaint needs special action.
  • Deal with you in a polite and courteous manner.
  • Always give you a contact point, name and telephone number.
  • Consider the appropriate form of redress whenever necessary.