Specialists in Energy Metering & Billing for Communal Heating Systems

Our in-built energy meters accurately monitor and record usage for each dwelling and ensure residents only pay for the energy they use.

Energy Metering & Billing Solutions

Evinox Residential specialise in energy metering & billing, maintenance and on-going management of communal heating and hot water systems for apartments and communal housing schemes. With this type of system residents buy energy ‘on demand’ (heat) rather than ‘raw fuel’ (gas). The central boiler plant also generates less carbon emissions and uses less energy to run than the equivalent of individual gas boilers in each home. 

Using our heat interface units with in-built energy meters, we can accurately monitor and record the energy used to provide heating and hot water. Our system and the information provided can be tailored to meet the requirements of the building operator and residents, ranging from simple read-only meters with data provided for independent billing through to a pre-payment PaySmart system, or a complete remote billing solution to provide residents with a fully itemised energy bill.

Benefits of our Metering, Billing & Remote Surveillance System:

  • Flexible and convenient payment methods
  • Residents only pay for the energy they consume
  • Reduced energy consumption and heating costs when compared to individual gas fired boilers
  • Actual bills with no estimates
  • Fair Tariff Policy